Share Location & Track with LOCAFIE Anywhere Anytime

Tired of constantly texting “Where are you?” back and forth when you are on a trip and travelling on different vehicles with your family or friends? Or you want to catch the same bus that your friend is taking. Or you both like to check in on your loved one's progress on going to their work to see if they are okay. You can do that using Locafie without needing to send a quick text for an update!

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Share your location from bus to let your friends find you

Keep You Updated Wherever You Are!

No more wasting time waiting for transport standing on routes! This application will reduce your time wasting and energy losing by offering you the information about the transport that you are waiting for. You can build up a community among your friends by logging in and creating your own profile and also add other members of your community by sending invitations. When you share your own transport’s location, other members of the community will be notified with detail information including speed, distance and minimum route. This will help them reach the route on time.

Even You Can Store Trusted Contacts!

Keep connected with your beloved one by keeping each other in trusted contacts. GPS mobile tracker of this application will allow to determine and track each other’s location. This can be the latest and easiest way to communicate rather than phone calls or texts.

Communicate in Community!

Build a community of known circle including your friends and family to share your location and also get notified about the location and transport information shared by other users. A trusted community build up by you will help you to get the transport on time as well as to stay connected with your community. Thus the safety issues will be more effective among your community. This application will also help you to co-ordinate everyone’s arrival times when you pick up or meet up with your friends and family members. The community created by will be effortlessly in sync when you going outside together.

Stop Physical Harassment

If you face any harassment from anyone on public bus then press our Emergency button. It will help you to inform police as it is integrated with 999


LOCAFIE works with exciting technology towards a common goal for you, your family and friends to reach your destination timely and safely and get everyone the best route to work and back, everyday. An active community of LOCAFIE is working constantly to improve and upgrade this application, so this is certainly one of the latest location sharing applications on your device available.

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